Who are you?

Do you remember why you started doing this work? You wanted to help people with their problems full of enthusiasm. For example, looking for a roof over your head together, starting a debt settlement, finding the right approach or treatment for an illness or re-establishing social contacts. After a while you experience that standard solutions do not always work. You look for inspiration, for examples of alternative solutions, produced by thinking differently. You found us! Welcome to It Can Also Be Different!

Who are we?

We are a group of healthcare professionals working with the unconventional philosophy of Housing First. We have experienced that solutions do not arise from setting rules, but from creating opportunities. We have confidence in the strength and self-direction of people. This often leads to the best results. Brilliant ideas are often small and have a big impact. We have further developed this vision into all parts of our organization.

Successful Practices

The working methods that are used are unconventional and based on the housing first principles. Above all, the methods described are personal and tailor-made.

The project team consists of a group of passionate healthcare professionals 
who work with the method "It Can Also Be Different!". 
The team consists of ambassadors who are happy to share this philosophy. 
We are constantly looking for creative ideas that lead to the same result;
positive behavioral change.

Our Team Member
Martin Kok

HVO-Querido /

Our Team Member
Valerie Jowers

HVO-Querido / Teammanager

Our Team Member
Tessa Hamers

HVO-Querido / Projectcoƶrdinator

Our Team Member
Viola Stekelenburg

HVO-Querido / Teammanager

Our Team Member
Hishaam Eldewieh

HVO-Querido / Social worker

Our Team Member
Lars Stoeltie

Art direction and design / Creative designer

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Strong together!

It can also be different! Is an initiative of HVO-Querido & Discus and is co-financed by Erasmus plus, from the project “Restoring dreams to tackle loneliness”. This project was the result of an international collaboration with six other countries.