Homely live

Approach: A personalized cake as a welcome gift and a new start

Do not overthink!

Approach: Motivate others to take action in their own life

Groceries in corona time

Approach: Motivating a customer to keep doing his own shopping in corona time by means of a grocery voucher

A generous gift

Approach: Empower the client by rewarding effort with a gift from the business community

A creative deal

Approach: Motivate a client by promising a new home.

Happy face schedule

Approach: Supporting a client in his/her drug addiction process.

The beer calendar

Approach: Helping a client with their addiction and budget using a beer calendar


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I am Lovingly; I can't get enough of people in any form. Everyone is worth my effort. Creative; Life is so much more fun when you think and act out on the box, especially when it comes to the little things. Energetic; I am a star at running but I can also stand still and really be where I am.

Marije van Elst
Smile and love

I like to experience and experience things. I am always looking for little surprises that make the lives of others and myself a little more beautiful.

Kim Dijkman
Experience beautiful things!

I am the director of the Hábitat Housing First program for RAIS-HOGAR Sí, providing Housing First services for over 300 people in 18 Spanish cities. I work for a better society models.

Roberto Bernad
Loneliness is a challenge for everyone. Let's fight it!

One of the many who wants to make a personal contribution to helping marginalized people and to encourage many around me to do the same.

Toni Stanstovski
Continuous education, help and support of socially disadvantaged persons in the process of reintegration into society.

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Small ideas with a big impact!

Our goal is to inspire people by showing how things can be done differently! We do this by sharing experiences from various healthcare-related bodies from different countries.

Otherwise, it is also possible! is an initiative of Discus & HVO Querido.

Our approach

Erasmus+ project

Erasmus +, the subsidy program of the European Commission, offers people of all ages the opportunity to share their knowledge and / or learn from (other) professionals from another country.

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Restoring dreams to tackle loneliness

Did you know that more than 46% of Amsterdammers sometimes feel lonely and more than 13% even extremely lonely? During the K1 project (job shadowing), a study was conducted with fairly confrontational results.

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Anders kan het ook!

This probably sounds familiar. Someone asks you to come up with a solution to a problem. Of course you can and you immediately start thinking about the resources you have at your disposal.

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Innovative customized support

What exactly does innovative custom support mean? Exactly, customization. Of course there are guidelines that give us a push in the right direction. That helps. Pretty much even. However, we like to do things a little differently, because we can.

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Inspire by sharing

The expertise center is the place where everything comes together. It’s where the magic happens. It is the spider in the Housing First web.

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Our work is more than applying the described methodologies. One housing supervisor will be inclined to celebrate every positive development, while the other will find very creative solutions for situations that our clients have to deal with.

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The power methodology

A good working relationship is the most important condition to be able to do anything in the recovery or development of people. That is why we have been working with our own translation of the Force-oriented Basic Methodology (KBM) since 2018.

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The 80/20 principle

The 80/20 Principle is an aid to work in a targeted manner. This principle was devised in the early 20th century by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto and generalized by the American Joseph Juran.

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The profiles

We are all different. Even if our counselors work according to the principles of the Force methodology and our own DNA, they are not the same.

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Housing First principles

Housing First blew over from the United States in 2006. The concept is based on the idea that homeless people with a mental illness and an addiction benefit primarily from their own home.

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