Groceries in corona time

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In short:

  • Approach: Motivating a customer to keep doing his own shopping in corona time by means of a grocery voucher
  • Time investment: Half an hour weekly
  • Costs: 0 (customer pays for own shopping voucher)
  • Resources: Grocery coupon
  • Element for success: Maintain autonomy, cooperation, healthy lifestyle, maintain continuity during corona measures


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

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How do you maintain your good habits in times of corona? Healthy messages are very important to Mohammed. That is why he does weekly errands together with his supervisor. How do you maintain continuity if corona measures limit you?


Mohammed is a friendly, calm man who loves good and healthy food. Cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, milk and eggs. Mo is happy with a well-stocked refrigerator.
However, it is difficult for Mohammed to spend his weekly living allowance on the groceries that make him so happy. Time and again his addiction outsmarts him and he immediately buys drugs from the money. There is then no money left for groceries.
This frustrated both Mohammed and his companion Ruben. Together they came up with a solution. Ruben would come by every week on the day the living allowance was deposited. Together they would get all the groceries Mohammed wants to fill his refrigerator. The money that remained can be spent by Mohammed himself. Ruben was a big stick in this so that the money was well spent. Shopping became a weekly ritual. Every Monday, Ruben rang the doorbell and together they walked to the supermarket, where they immediately catch up on the weekend. It was a nice habit and Mohammed was happy and proud to now buy enough groceries every week with his money. And then came corona ...

Alternative solution

The corona measures threw a spanner in the works. Going into the supermarket together was no longer possible due to the 1.5 meter rule. However, Ruben came up with a solution: They kept the Monday appointment. Ruben was still visiting Mohammed and together they walked to the supermarket and caught up. This time, however, Ruben went in alone and got a shopping voucher for Mohamed. Mohammed was able to get all his groceries from this and despite the measures he still had a well-stocked fridge!


What Mohammed himself has to say about this solution?
"If people can do their own shopping with their debit card, it is best. When people are so addicted that they immediately buy drugs with their money, you can agree to give a shopping voucher. For me this is a good solution."

Placed by:
Mara van Aartrijk

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