Key moment at a distance

Hand in

In short:

  • Approach: Organize a suitable key moment from a distance by means of a search for the home.
  • Time investment: 8 hours once
  • Costs: 20 euro
  • Resources: Intro movie made in 'Clips' Crafting clues Contact at a local coffee shop
  • Element for success: The feeling of 'doing together' despite social distancing Surprise element and on of excitement when performing the scavenger hunt Extra personal attention


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

  • Result :

  • Total :


When the moment finally comes that you can hand over the key to your customer, you always want to make something fun out of it. But how do you do that in this time where we can hardly see, hug or hug each other. In today's world where there is a lot of fear, sadness and uncertainty, we still have the need to celebrate this key moment in an appropriate way.


I wanted it to be a big surprise to my client Roberto. So I started brainstorming with my team. What is still possible in these Corona times, that's how we came up with the idea to organize a treasure hunt with his new house as the end of course. He could do this independently, so it was Corona proof.

The scavenger hunt

It had to be done as casually as possible so that he did not realize what we were planning. From the starting point in East, the customer was sent to my colleague Yu Mei, who was ready at the ferry behind Central Station with streamers and a new instruction. Roberto had to cross the IJ towards Amsterdam Noord. Once there, he was further guided by arrows on the ground towards a bakery on the square. There he was instructed to order a cup of coffee and when the order was picked up, my customer was given a new instruction. My client was completely amazed and curious about what's to come as he got closer and closer to his new home.

The last clue

At his last clue, he was handed the address and keys from me. After he found the address and we arrived at the house, his loved ones were ready to congratulate him. At an appropriate distance, of course. Upon receiving the congratulations, my client was completely moved that we had all quietly arranged this for him.
Roberto realized at that moment that the time of being burdened by uncertainty and stress was now completely over and that he will face a new time with certainty, security and safety. A roof over his head, clear running water, a warm bed, a shower, a kitchen. Those are the things that many of us take for granted, but that homeless people can only (day) dream about.

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Key moment at a distance
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Mara van Aartrijk

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