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In short:

  • Approach: A personalized cake as a welcome gift and a new start
  • Time investment: 2 hours weekly
  • Costs: < 10 euro
  • Resources: Cake, personal decorating items
  • Element for success: personalization of the cake


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

  • Result :

  • Total :


Tim talks passionately about matters that are close to his heart. A car fair in France is discussed ad nauseam weeks in advance. He likes to talk about his two handy cars. Officially they are in his grandmother's name, but with her permission he keeps improving them. Tim's hobby also has a downside. Several loose parts are scattered around his mother's house. He still lives there, in Amstelveen. The appearance of the house is disorderly even without the car parts. Both outside and inside. An explosion of stuff makes it nearly impossible to walk through the house. If, in addition, there is a problem in the two-headed family, the nuisance becomes too much for the neighbourhood.

A fresh start

A fresh start for Tim, in a different location, seems best for everyone. The advantage for him is that he can build his own existence. The housing association is willing to arrange an apartment, on the condition that he accepts guidance. He eventually agrees.

Car on the cake

Tim is initially skeptical about residential counseling. That is why Marije and Yassin, his residential counselors, decide to set up something special when the key is handed out. Marije has experienced this moment more than once. She's looking forward to it. For Yassine it is new. They buy a cake at the Hema. On top of that they compose a piece of art with some stuff, which they think fits well with Tim's vision of the future. You could call it House-tree-animal: a lawn of green sprinkles with a cardboard house on top. In front of the door is a cactus plant that has been taken from a plant piece from the Action. On the other side of the driveway, two rubber ducks. And finally, of course, a car.

Debit card

Tim is surprised that Marije and Yassine have decorated a cake especially for him. He even condones the fact that the car is an Audi – not a Honda Civic. He receives the cake on the balcony in front of the still empty house. No one has thought of cutlery, so a debit card serves as a knife, fork and spoon. So you see… money isn't everything. It may be a bit clumsy, but improvising creates a good atmosphere. More special actions will be organized in the months that follow. An outing for Tim's birthday, for example, in the form of taking part in a slip course. These and other moments contribute to the feeling that Tim is starting to get more and more: these counselors are standing next to him, not above him.

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