Inspire by sharing

Inspire by sharing

The centre of expertise is the place where everything comes together. The centre of the Housing First universe. It’s where all the magic happens.

Here we offer support to all teams of social workers and others who are in need of cultural change within their social organisation. We do this by: organising yearly recurring (innovative) trainings, creating tailormade trainings, or by ‘simply’ joining in on a challenging home visit.

Also on a weekly basis we offer a telephone helpdesk to support practical and methodological questions. We are always working on improving our methodology, the quality of our care is of utmost importance to us. But how do we do that?

By sharing our knowledge. Our expertise. It might seem like a cliche, but sharing ís caring. Even more when it can give someone the strength to make a difference, the courage to inspire, to do things differently. And that is what we’re all about. Making a difference. Everything that we do

is in the best interest of those who we’re helping.

We want to reach as many people as possible with our expertise Spread the word. Inspire, be inspired, and share our flyer.

Care to help us out?

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our approach


The 80/20-principle is a useful tool to work goal oriented. The FUZZY-method shows that HVO-Querido occasionally works with targets that might seem out-of-the-box.

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Erasmus+ project

Erasmus +, the subsidy program of the European Commission, offers people of all ages the opportunity to share their knowledge and / or learn from (other) professionals from another country.

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The FUZZY methodology (Peter Makensteijn) works differently. Goals are set on the fly and thus a flexible mindset concerning the usage of time (and finances).

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Housing First

The concept of Housing First came over from the United States in 2006. It’s based on the idea that homeless people with an addiction (or other mental illness) would primarily benefit from having their own home.

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It Can Also Be Different!

This may sound familiar... Someone asks you to come up with a solution for a certain problem.

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Restoring dreams to tackle loneliness

Did you know that more than 46% of Amsterdammers sometimes feel lonely and more than 13% even extremely lonely? During the K1 project (job shadowing), we did a study that showed some confrontational results.

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The profiles

We are all different. Even though our social workers work according to the principles of Housing First, they are not the same.

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