A creative deal

Hand in

In short:

  • Approach: Motivate a client by promising a new home.
  • Time investment: half an hour weekly
  • Costs: < 10 euro
  • Resources: Velcro strips, figures and an A-3 sheet
  • Element for success: Reward in the form of a new home


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

  • Result :

  • Total :


Tessa has been guiding Wally for a year now. Wally has been feeling out of place around the neighborhood for some time. “I would like to move,” he muses one day. Tessa thinks. She has other things on her mind than looking for a new home. According to her, Wally benefits more from less drug use, better financial management and more intensive contact with the neighbors. Still, she decides to help him. “If you take steps on my concerns,” she promises, “I'll make sure you get a new home.” Wally agrees.

Velcro strips on the wall

During the next home visit, Tessa writes on a large A3 sheet among themselves: drugs, finances and contact with neighbours. Behind it she sticks three strips of Velcro. Below the strips will be a scale, from 0 to 100. With Velcro figures they can indicate how things are going in the coming weeks. They do this together during Tessa's home visits. A score of one hundred may not be realistic, but seventy or eighty should work.

Talking to the neighbors

Over the next few weeks, Wally discusses how his drug use is going: It's gone down! Tessa also hardly gets requests for extra money. Something that normally happens regularly. Finally, they have a conversation with the neighbors. “If there is shouting in the street, we will report it to the housing association,” they indicate. “But other than that we have nothing against Wally. We are happy with him as a neighbor.” That's nice to hear, but Wally still wants to move.

Surprisingly high scores

The three Velcro figures move steadily to the right. There have been no nuisance reports for a while. In the end, Tessa can't help but find a new home for Wally. After all, promise is debt. This is possible through an exceptional exchange construction with another client. Wally is excited about his new place. “It's a very nice house,” he beams. “I really feel at home here.”

Placed by:
Kim Dijkman

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