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In short:

  • Approach: Let the client take control by giving the client the choice; are you going to continue with your care process or are you ready for it?
  • Time investment: 2 hours
  • Costs: 10-50 euro
  • Resources: Pie with photo, garlands, family
  • Element for success: Element of Surprise & Own Direction


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

  • Result :

  • Total :


The first time Michel walks into one of the HVO-Querido offices, he just got out of prison. Michel is a big guy, two meters tall and apparently just as wide. His face shows signs of use. Later it turns out that he has used heroin frequently. It is the first working day at HVO-Querido of residential counselor Martin. He walks with Michel to a room and asks him what he wants. “Freedom,” Michel mumbles. "I don't want to go back to jail."
“Okay, I'm going to help you,” Martin says firmly. “You can do anything. I have no rules, but I do ask you to be open and honest.” “Yes, yes, that's good,” Michel says skeptically. “I've been through all of this before.”

Ingrained behavior

In the months that follow, it seems as if Michel doesn't want to be free at all, but wants to go back to prison. He lacks the structure and status he had there. In the initial period, the police arrested him a number of times for minor offenses. Partly due to Martin's lobby, the sentences are limited and he can keep his home.
Michel wants to change, but has no family or friends in his environment to help him. His old life also attracts. For example, before being in prison, he robbed drugs from criminals at the border, while posing as a police officer with his companion. That was a lucrative trade. Now he sees money everywhere lying down, figuratively speaking. The possibilities for crime are endless.
“If you feel that temptation,” Martin suggests, “just call me instead of doing something with it.” Michel does that several times.

Recognition after twenty years

Trust between the two men grows, but the real turning point comes when Michel's sister, Jacqueline, calls Martin. She read an article in the Parool about HVO-Querido. Michel was not mentioned by name, but she immediately recognized him in the article, even after twenty years without contact. In recent years she did everything she could to find Michel. She even called off prisons, but without result. "Do you know where he is?" Jacqueline asks Martin. “Yes, I know,” Martin hesitates, “but I don't know if he wants to see you. Tell me what you want to say and I'll pass it on to him." Michel is afraid that his sister does not want much to do with him. But after some insistence from Martin, they make an appointment. Martin comes along to reassure Michel. From that moment on, Michel and his sister spoke to each other with some regularity.

And now?

A few years later, Michel is doing well. He no longer engages in illegal activities and sees Jacqueline regularly. He has also reconnected with a few other family members, including his father and his ex-wife. It is going so well that the word outflow has already been mentioned.

Stopping yourself; own direction.

Shortly afterwards, Martin invites him to the HVO-Querido' office for a conversation. Michel doesn't know that Jacqueline is waiting for him, as well as a few
colleagues of Martin. On the table are small tarts with a framed photo from Michel. A garland hangs from the ceiling with the text: HVO-Querido wishes your success!
“What is this, what is happening here?” asks Michel surprised when he enters.
“This is what we've been talking about,” Martin says warmly. “I think that you are ready. But realize that you can always count on us Even when you're out of care."
Michel doesn't know how to behave. He stammers a bit. They talk some over the past few years. Then Michel walks to the laptop that is ready.
He looks at his electronic client file. The cursor flashes in the box behind 'route end date'. Michel fills in the date and proudly presses enter.

Placed by:
Kim Dijkman

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