Countymap breathes travel stories

Hand in

In short:

  • Approach: Going through stories together
  • Time investment: 3 hours
  • Costs: 10-50 euro
  • Resources: insulation material, drawing pins, colored adhesive letters
  • Element for success: Go through stories together by a countrymap.


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

  • Result :

  • Total :


The contact between Marije and Ruud arises in a library in Osdorp. At a table between the books, Ruud says that he no longer likes his life. The holes in his house where windows used to be, have been boarded up and he lives hostile with a number of neighbors.

Housing first

He is assigned a new home by Housing First and Marije will support him. Ruud looks intelligent, but a bit anxious. She mainly listens. The numerous anecdotes that Ruud tells about his travels are striking. He has been in many countries and met people everywhere. He is still able to describe some of them in great detail. The stories he
often lead to a moral or personal insight. Sometimes Ruud comes across as confused. Storylines, countries and times
run together. Marije likes to keep asking questions about his travels, but is sometimes frustrated because she doesn't know where to go

A customized birthday gift

In June, just before Ruud's 62nd birthday, Marije plans to bring more structure to life history.
With the help of a piece of insulation material, drawing pins and colored adhesive letters, she makes a huge map of Europe which she gives Ruud as a gift. This makes it easier to visualize. Ruud thanks her very much. However, he initially shows little
initiative to set up the countrymap. Marije takes control more firmly. She takes a few hours to walk by his stories. Ruud tells and Marije stings. This makes the topography clearer and just as important: Ruud is starting to get enthusiastic about this way of working together.


The months pass and the map hangs on the wall. When social workers come to visit Ruud and ask for the countrymap, he always responds proudly. In addition, a comment almost always leads to a positive conversation. However, not every pushpin opens a success story. Some events are downright sad. But that too can be told.

Placed by:
Kim Dijkman

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