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In short:

  • Approach: Motivating a client for a fresh start
  • Time investment: 3 hours
  • Costs: < 10 euro
  • Resources: A card, photo and small personal gifts
  • Element for success: Personal gifts and the surprise visit


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

  • Result :

  • Total :


Although guidance is required when you rent a house through HVO-Querido, Sylvia is not often visited by someone. An evaluation takes place once every six months. She doesn't want any help. Now that's not so bad, as long as everything runs smoothly. It's not all rosy, however. Partly because of her addiction, Sylvia not only keeps the social services at a distance, she also rarely or never sees family and other people in her environment. Her finances are not in order, the mail is not updated. This is the reason for HVO-Querido to seek for more intensive contact, but that is easier said than done. Sylvia does not answer the phone and does not respond to text messages .

Colors and bows

During a team meeting of HVO-Querido, Renate decides to take up the gauntlet. She already guided Sylvia years ago, perhaps that gives a familiar feeling. Sylvia's birthday is a good reason to stop by. Renate sets off with a gift package. It contains a photo of Sylvia with her dog. Furthermore, a summary of what Sylvia has already achieved, a list of her own wishes and ambitions and a blank sheet of paper that Sylvia can fill in herself. Finally, all kinds of small gifts, for example some DVDs, wrapped with bows and paper in various colors. Most presents come from all corners of the HVO-Querido office or are self-assembled. Renate is looking for things that match Sylvia's personality:
she is creative, intelligent, a reader and a good stylist when it comes to home decorations. With the gift package Renate writes a card with the text: I believe in you!

The visit

When Renate is on her way, she realizes that two things can happen: the door stays closed or the door opens. Fortunately, Sylvia opens the door. Surprised, she faces her visitor and lets Renate in. When Sylvia receives the package, she is pleasantly surprised. There are tears. They talk, cuddle with her dog and take a few pictures. In the months that follow, confidence grows and Renate manages to seduce Sylvia to take action. Amazingly, she's doing better in many ways. Practical matters, such as exercising regularly and keeping a good administration, are being picked up again. She allows more people into her life, although there are also weeks when she really doesn't want any contact. That's okay too.

Placed by:
Kim Dijkman

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