If only I could put you in my pocket

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In short:

  • Approach: Make a client feel supported by giving them a pair of Playmobil dolls as a symbol of aid.
  • Time investment: 1 hour
  • Costs: < 10 euro
  • Resources: Playmobil dolls, toothpick, paper, wrapping material.
  • Element for success: Making something tangible so that the client remembers that someone is there for them.


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

  • Result :

  • Total :


A client has a hard time at times, but when Kim and Valerie come over, a few sensible and kind remarks are usually enough to calm him down. It's just a shame they can't be there for him at night and on weekends.


'If only I could put you in a box and put you in my pocket,' the client says, so I could take you out when I needed you, even when you weren't there.'
Kim and Valerie decide to not see it as a casual comment, but as an opportunity to achieve something.


The next time they visit the client, they have a package with them containing two Playmobil dolls that look a bit like Kim and Valerie. The dolls carry a flag with a wise and a nice saying on it.
The client is so happy with that and feels taken so seriously that next time he has a gift for them: Also a doll with a spell and a flag!

Placed by:
Tessa Hamers


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