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In short:

  • Approach: CV-catalog for clients
  • Time investment: 1 hour
  • Costs: < 10 euro
  • Resources: Computer; printer or powerpoint
  • Element for success: Client retains control in choosing their social worker; always match!


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

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Our clients often have a long history with social services. They've seen them coming and going, in all sorts and shapes. When entering a facility, clients can barely choose whether they want a man or woman as their social worker. Afterward, they just 'have' to work with the person they are assigned with. The decision is made fór them, without the client being involved in the process. Sometimes this happens time after time. And yes, that will have some impact.

An opportunity to choose

A good connection is half the work! The relationship between client and social worker is the foundation of everything we do. It should be steady to be able to make progress together! Trust, mutual respect and a shared, positive outlook. You really both don't want to work without either of those! You might therefore wonder whether the decision to choose a social worker can actually be made one-sided. Wouldn't it help if the workers were also a little more open about themselves?

Think differently

Now imagine: you really put the cliënt first and leave the choice for social worker with him or her. Colleagues would then have to apply, as it were, to be allowed to work with a client. They must show themselves from their best side. And perhaps, in all openness, also dare to reveal their lesser qualities. Everyone is unique, each person has their own interests, methods, skills and experiences. What an idea it is to turn this beautiful, personal range of social workers into a real catalog. A paperguide or otherwise with powerpoint. Let the clients choose themselves and in that way give them back some control. Make the customer king again ... Or queen!

Placed by:
Kim Dijkman

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