Power of Collaboration – Mr. Géza and Joe make it together

Hand in

In short:

  • Approach: We helpers tend to think that help means pushing people in a certain direction. Although usually "thinking out of the box" can cause a different progression, which can also lead to a desired lifestyle or happiness.
  • Time investment: 1-2 hours from different people, total 15-20 hours
  • Costs: Donations
  • Resources: To help those in need become a helper
  • Element for success: 80% - Joe and his cat live happily and make other people happy too, but they are still homeless


  • Creativity :

  • Feasibility :

  • Result :

  • Total :


You can meet Joe and his cat Mister Géza on the streets of Gy. Joe is a striking phenomenon with his pet on his shoulders. Their special relationship is clearly visible. You can see that none of them were born under lucky stars. But when they met on that special spring day, everything changed.

Joe's Life Before...

Joe previously had a so-called "usual homeless career". He grew up in not so good conditions, underdeveloped parents, a not-so-good childhood. He didn't have much help during his studies, he could barely finish primary school - didn't have much motivation to continue with his studies. When he turned 14, he joined a gang that hung out in the streets of the town. This group led him to smaller robberies, which ended when he was locked up in a youth prison at the age of 16. Even after he was released, he didn't have too many choices. No education, no job, no family... and of course no housing. He quickly became addicted and tried many different kinds off drugs. He hit bottum and saw no way out.

There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel and new life purpose

Joe started working for the Hungarian homeless newspaper called “Fedél nélkül” (Without a cover). (This is a Hungarian pun - "lid" can be a lid for a box or a book, and also a lid or roof on your house). This newspaper has been mainly written, edited and distributed by homeless people since 1993. The newspaper supports its employees in many different ways: the community itself is a strong support and also the organizers of the newspaper help them with social work and in other ways.

As Joe got older, he started to feel more and more lonely. One day, one of his helpers told him that kittens had been born in a nearby store. They all knew what fate awaited them. Joe decided to pick one, because he decided to take care of something. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship - since then Joe's life has taken on a new meaning. He had to take care of someone – so he had to take care of himself too. Love and faith in each other is capable of miracles.

Life together

Their common life now allready lasts for three years. “Géza úr”, Master Géza, the cat has become a star. Joe has opened a facebook profile for the cat. There he reports on their daily lives.


The "strange couple" hang out together, they appear in different parts of the country. Géza úr has many followers, who support them both. They find their way to help other people as well. They always have time for a chat. If they have something to give away, they help those in greater need than they do. They give a sandwich or something. Joe's philosophy is "Be all loved". His mission is to make people understand that any kind of help, even the smallest thing, can help the other out.

Placed by:
Tessa Hamers


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