The Story of Marika

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In short:

  • Approach: Friendly and caring approach
  • Time investment: 5 hours Weekly
  • Costs: <10
  • Element for success: Make her feel like she belongs in the community


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  • Feasibility :

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We have known Marika for a long time. She was a happy and cheerful woman until two years ago when her husband died. At that time, she faced grief and loneliness because she missed the person who supported her in everything.

Marika's past

During a conversation with Marika we found out that she should be doing something, feel useful and not think about her loss. We involved her in our activities and gradually she started to regain her cheerfulness and good mood. She shared that in the past as a family she was constantly in the company of others. Because she comes from a musical family, her afternoon parties were full of guitar music and songs until late at night. But now she says she's withdrawn and withdrawn into herself.

Surprise party

Marika is a member of the Seven Days Adventist Church where she has many friends, so we had an idea to make a surprise for her. Her friends from the church made her a meal, they brought guitars, and one Saturday afternoon we all came to her house. We showed up couple by couple and her house was soon full of people. The communal dinner, songs and company reminded her of the good old days. She couldn't hide her tears of joy.

A little attention can make a big change

This small gesture of attention and care made her feel loved. Her desire to be open to more intense communication with those who love and care for her has resurfaced. She restored her friendships, took walks with her old friends, and she began to help the needy even more actively than before.
It often takes little to lend a helping hand and lift someone out of loneliness. Sometimes a little attention can change things for the better.

Placed by:
Tessa Hamers


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